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Sept 2019

We were one of the three charitable causes selected by the Coop in the Bedale area to benefit from their Local Community Fund.  All of the causes have benefited enormously from the generosity of our the local community.    As for Meals on Wheels, we will be able to offer free meals to our hard pressed clients over the next year – Thank you so much.

July 2019

We had a successful Car Boot on 13 July along with Friends of Crakehall School – Thank you to all those that attended.

March 2019

December 2018

Mrs H (one of our clients) beautifully knitted a nativity scene.  She kindly gave it to Meals on Wheels and requested it be raffled amongst our volunteers.  The set was raffled on Wednesday 19 December.  The lucky winner was one of our longest serving volunteers.  Many thanks Mrs H, and have a very Happy Christmas.Our Clients Xmas Lunch took place in December – 23 attended and everyone had a great afternoon.  Thanks to Christine, Roland, Barry and Kath for a wonderful job in the kitchen.

October 2018

Great News! We have been chosen as a local cause by the Co-op Local Community Fund.

If you choose us when shopping at the Co-op we will receive 1% on the profits on Co-op’s own brand goods.   The donation period will run until October 2019, so please choose us.

To choose us you need to sign up here, or call 0800 023 4708

September 2018

The Food Hygiene Inspection went well this month – another 5!


During 2018 we received donations from – Kettlewells Memorial Golf Competition – The Old Black Swan Pub – Bedale Foodweighouse – Bedale Car Boot – Vale of Mowbray – Bedale PCC.  We thank them all – the donations help BCMoW provide an affordable service.

 BCMoW is pleased to announce that the cost of a 2 course meal will remain at £5 for 2019.

Without our dedicated volunteers BCMoW would not exist.  Many people in our Community benefit and appreciate the work our volunteers do.

Photo Archive


       Volunteer026 Volunteer025 Meal026 Delivery026 Cookie093 Xmas Thank You VOM Volunteer024 Volunteer023 Volunteer022 Volunteer021 Volunteer020 Volunteer019 Volunteer018 Volunteer017 Xmas Thank You pic Thank You Town Council Bee at Home Cookie092 Cookie091 Clients Cards 2017 003 Cookie090 Xmas Lunch Clients 2017 009b Xmas Lunch Clients 2017 008 Xmas Lunch Clients 2017 007 Xmas Lunch Clients 2017 006 Xmas Lunch Clients 2017 005 Xmas Lunch Clients 2017 004 Xmas Lunch Clients 2017 003 Xmas Lunch Clients 2017 002 Xmas Lunch Clients 2017 001 Meal025 Break008 Volunteer016 Cookie089 Volunteer014 Volunteer015 Aug2017003 Bedale Golf 2017 Volunteer013 Volunteer012 Volunteer011 Volunteer010 Volunteer009 Aug2017002 Aug2017001 BCMoW0070 BCMoW0069 BCMoW0068 BCMoW0067 BCMoW0066 BCMoW0065 BCMoW0064 BCMoW0063 BCMoW0062 BCMoW0061 BCMoW0060 BCMoW0059 BCMoW0058 BCMoW0057 BCMoW0056 BCMoW0055 BCMoW0054 BCMoW0053 BCMoW0052 BCMoW0051 BCMoW0050 BCMoW0049 BCMoW0048 BCMoW0047 BCMoW0046 BCMoW0045 BCMoW0044 BCMoW0043 BCMoW0042 BCMoW0041 BCMoW0040 BCMoW0039 BCMoW0038 BCMoW0037 BCMoW0036 BCMoW0035 BCMoW0034 BCMoW0033 BCMoW0032 BCMoW0031 BCMoW0030 BCMoW0029 BCMoW0028 BCMoW0027 BCMoW0026 BCMoW0025 BCMoW0024 BCMoW0023 BCMoW0022 BCMoW0021 BCMoW0020 BCMoW0019 BCMoW0018 BCMoW0017 BCMoW0014 BCMoW0013 BCMoW0012 BCMoW0011 BCMoW0010 BCMoW0009 BCMoW0008 BCMoW0007 BCMoW0006 BCMoW0005 BCMoW0004 BCMoW0003 BCMoW0002 BCMoW0001