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What We Offer

What We Serve

Our meal consists of 2 courses delivered to your home in silver foil containers. A standard meal consists of a hot main course of fish or meat with fresh vegetables, followed by a hot or cold pudding or sweet.

Sample Meals

Roast Chicken & Sponge Pudding

Shepherd’s Pie & Cheesecake

Beef Stew & Bread and Butter Pudding

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Who Can Receive Meals?

It is often older people who use this service but this kind of support is available for anyone 18 years old or over who live in, and around, the Bedale area and require help because of sight or hearing loss, physical or learning disabilities or perhaps frailty due to old age. People  recovering from an illness or stay in hospital can also receive this service to help them remain independent and to ensure a good quality of life.

When Can I Receive Meals?

Using our service is a great way to ensure you have a nutritional and balanced hot meal.  We deliver meals  at lunch time on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.  Our clients can choose to receive 1 to 3 meals a week.

How Much Does It Costs?

The cost of a 2 course home delivered meal is £5 for 2019.  Our clients can pay by direct debit, cheque or cash.  Any surplus funds are used for the benefit of our clients.

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