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About Us

Bedale Community Meals on Wheels

Our Aim

The relief of those in need by reason of age or disability in Bedale and the surrounding area by the provision of a meals on wheels service to assist elderly and disabled people who are unable to prepare hot, nutritious meals themselves thereby helping them to live independently in their own homes.

Our Story

The friendly faces of our volunteers and the few moments we spend with our clients are the true gift of Bedale Community Meals on Wheels.

BCMoW was established on 15 August 2015, and we began cooking and delivering 2 course meals in September 2015.  We currently serve up to 32 meals a day, three days a week.  We deliver meals in Bedale and the surrounding area, within 5 miles.

BCMoW exists to help those in Bedale and the surrounding area who are unable to cook, to maintain their independence and dignity, by delivering cost effective and nutritional meals through caring volunteers.  

BCMoW is a non-profit organisation, and we are also proud to be a 100% volunteer operation.  One of the ways we maintain our non-profit status is by periodically offering free meals to our clients.

BCMoW works because of its dedicated volunteers, who have provided an uninterrupted meal service in the area for over 5 years.  We aim to continue the service for as long as there are those in the community that need it.

What people say about BCMoW

“BCMoW has continued its service to the community throughout the Covid Pandemic. There has been a great sense of community commitment to keep this service going when so much of society has been in lock down. This form of quiet voluntary  involvement is seldom hailed, but to those who cook, those who organise and those who deliver meals to clients, their families and the community in general, a heartfelt thanks is well deserved. It is not only the meals delivered but the contact that for some has been the only regular interaction they have had over the last year.”

The Rev Simon Moor, Bedale

“Your team provide an invaluable service, my Dad absolutely loves the food, especially the puddings, he never stops talking about them.  Your team do a brilliant job and give my dad a break in the day to see some different faces.  I am reassured to know he is getting a balanced nutritional meal.  Thank you for all your work – it’s much more than providing just a meal.”

“Thank you so much for all you do,  it’s just so much nicer than the microwave meals.”

“A hot meal with a warm smile”

“It’s a real life line for me”

“With my disability, Meals on Wheels is a godsend”

“You are a breath of fresh air, you’re often the only person to call that day”

“Thank you for all your work, it’s more than just providing a meal”

“I know you are very popular and busy.  Your home cooked meals are so much better than her ready meals and my Mum really enjoys the puddings!”

“Thank you to your amazing organisation, which enriched our Mum’s life so much.  The wonderful volunteers, and of course, the delicious food made such a difference to her.  Please could you convey our sincere thanks to everyone at BCMoW from the bottom of our hearts – for all the kindness shown to our Mum over the last two years and for the fantastic food she received.”

“Thank you so much for supplying my Mum with lovely homemade meals and puddings.  We have really appreciated it as a family and I know my mum looked forward to receiving them.”

“It has been a great pleasure and a privilege to work with BCMoW since they started to prepare and distribute meals to those in need in the community. The work they undertake is outstanding and offers company and nourishment, both physical and emotional, to their clients. We are delighted to be able to support their work and look forward to sharing a long partnership to help meet the needs of the wider community.”

Ian M Robinson, former Rector 

Information Material

Bedale Community Meals on Wheels Poster

Bedale Community Meals on Wheels Leaflet

Policy documents available on request

BCMoW Data Protection Policy

BCMoW Safeguarding Policy

BCMoW Complaints Procedure

BCMoW Driver Risk Assessment Form